Texas Holdem Poker Tours – Orlando, FL

Last weekend I was asked to shoot the local Texas Holdem Poker Tours Main Event in Orlando, Fl.  I have shot this tournament previously in May and it was a great turn out. I usually don't cover this kind of event photography however I was given some leeway with this event to shoot how I wanted so I took on the challenge. Lighting in these venues is generally horrible. White balance that seems to shift every time you move the camera and low light. Pushing the ISO creates noise but the 5D3 seemed to handle it well.

Although I have never played Texas Holdem in a "real" setting, I have watched a lot of the poker tours on TV and played my fair share of World Serious of Poker iPhone app so I generally understand the game, even if that makes me a wanna-be player. For a generally long card game, with so many people, the event moves along at a quick pace. The first player was out in under 5 minutes which I still don't understand. All In on the first hand?  Covering the event is a challenge because at any one time action can be happening on all sides of the room and trying to decide what to cover at what time can be daunting.

The other challenging bit is getting "happy" looks on peoples faces when they are in such a deep concentration mind set.  Most people seem to look grumpy and look at you weird when pointing a camera at them. Some don't mind, and some seemed annoyed.

Overall a great event and it is always fun o shoot events that I normally don't photograph. Looking forward to the next one!

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