Superbowl XLVI – Orlando Event Photographer

As some of you know, my brother in law in David Baas, #64, plays center for the New York Giants. For anyone that follows football, you know the kind of season that the Giants have had. Started off really well then tanked to the point where Coach Coughlin’s job was in jeopardy and wondering if they could even make the playoffs. As the season went on they managed to squeeze into the playoffs and from there it was history.  With a lot of luck on their side and some really good key plays, the New York Giants made it to the big game, Superbowl XLVI. It’s hard to describe the kind of excitement and emotion one has when seeing a close family member make the worlds biggest game. Lots of emotions, excitement, disbelief… Thoughts of “Holy crap! What just happened?”  etc.  I have watched Dave play football ever since his high school days and knew he was the real deal even back then. I knew someday he would make it. 

Previous to signing with the Giants, Dave spent 6 years with the 49ers.  Those 6 years were full of ups and downs, and mainly from my point of view, a lot of disappointment with an unfixable coaching staff.  Some players will play their entire career on a losing team and never even make the playoffs and leave a career disappointed and defeated. I always wondered how that affected players mentally and I didn’t want to see that with Dave. After another losing season and then end of a contract, Dave was finally a free agent. The 49ers had a chance to resign him but I knew it would be a lowball offer and frankly,  I was really hoping he would get out of SF. When he called to say he was now a New York Giants, that was exciting news to everyone. Lots of uncertainty and lots of high expectations but I knew he would fit in.

His first season with the Giants was no doubt a tough one. A few injuries set him back, learning a new playbook, fitting in with new teammates, criticism of the press all contributed to a tough season.  Once the Giants made the playoffs, after the first game with the Falcons, we all thought… They can really do this!

Ironically, in order to make the Superbowl, the Giants had to beat the 49ers.  This was such a bittersweet moment. We were all happy that the 49ers made it this far with new coaching staff but at the same time, worried that if the Giants lost, how that would affect Dave and his decision to leave the 49ers. Well, we know how that turned out.

So after a lot of cheering, yelling, crying, and jumping after the win, we started thinking of superbowl parties and if we were going to have one, who to invite,  where to have it, etc…. With knowing how the Superbowl can be a circus, the limited amount of tickets players get, prices of tickets, and even availability of tickets, we never expected to go to the game and really never even considered it. After all , the view from the TV screen is much better anyways and don’t have to deal with traffic and security issues.  About a week after that, Dave called and asked us if we wanted to go.  I believe Mary said… Go where?  and Dave replied, do you want to go to the Superbowl?  We were both shocked and excited and in disbelief.

So we made travel arrangements, decided to drive and make a road trip out of it.

When we arrived, Indianapolis welcomed fans in every way.  What a great city to host the Superbowl. Superbowl village was really cool. Seeing how excited everyone was, all the festivities going on, very friendly people, couldn’t have asked for a better place.  The stadium itself was very nice as well. I have to hand it to Indianapolis and the NFL for the way it handled crowds, security and general information.  The TSA really should take a page out of the NFL playbook on how this is done.

The game was incredible and they even let me in with my camera gear.  I got some great endzone shots from the seats we had. Please take a look below and also at the full gallery by clicking on the link.

A big thanks to David Baas for making this once in a lifetime event happen for us. Will never forget it.


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  1. by barbara harris on April 12, 2012  11:24 am Reply

    Cory, I love these, thank you so much for sharing. Great pics of Dave:)

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