Savage Race – Dade City, Fl 3-19-2016

What a day shooting Savage Race. I always love shooting this race because it is so well run. The guys at Savage do a fantastic job with their events and I would say it is the best event logistics wise that I have been too.  It is really a flawless operation and everything usually goes on without a problem.  That is until lighting comes into the area. Today forecasted a 90% chance of rain and nature delivered on it's promise.  Some people call it the Savage curse as it seems every year weather plays a factor. Skies opened up around 10am with rain and lighting so for safety reasons, Savage delayed waves 11:30 - 1:30.  The last wave was supposed to be at 1pm but it was extended to accommodate the delay.  This is another reason why Savage Race is so great. They offered to delay the waves until the weather cleared, as well as gave the option to come back on Sunday or on a future date.  Rarely does any company offer this and with most you are S.O.L.  Sam Abbitt and his crew really know how to deliver a quality product with great customer service.

I was shooting course for Gameface Media today and was positioned at a new obstacle called the Platinum Rig.   This is an American Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle that uses mainly upper body strength and being at the end of the course I lot of people didn't have any strength left to complete it.  A very good design and very challenging for the participants. Also very challenging to shoot. This was probably the most challenging obstacle I have shot to date. With the obstacle being so difficult a lot of people didn't even make it past the first part and for the people that did make it, timing and consistency of the shot was non existent.  This makes it very tough to deliver a product for participants. This was compounded by the weather as well.  Once the rain started the ropes and metal poles became very greasy sending participants straight to the ground.  A great obstacle for participants but not the best photographically unfortunately.

Here are a few shots above from around the course that I was able to get before the participants made it to my assigned location.

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