Miami Marathon – Miami, FL 1-24-2016

What a weekend! This past Sunday I was out shooting the Miami Marathon for MarathonFoto. I have shot this race for the past 4 years and others just like it with a different name multiple times a year.  After every race I say to myself...Last one, but somehow I keep coming back to it.  Four hour drive from Orlando, have to leave the day before and stay overnight and driving back after a long day in the sun shooting if very tiring.  Parking is $20 - $30 wherever you go and the roads are a nightmare. Wish I took Formula 1 driving lessons because you need it when driving in Miami.  Every road is a toll road and it feels like you have a pay a toll just walking from the hotel to your car...

All that is just getting there. The morning of race day, its up at 4am, arrive onsite at 430am or else you will be walking 3 miles to the finish line area.  The finish line is always unorganized chaos so once there, you can't relay on any information that you were given the night before because it always changes. Then you have to figure out a way to your assigned location without a car. My location ws 1.4 miles from the finish. Normally that isnt too bad but with carrying 50 pounds of gear it gets old really quick.  I had the same assignment last year when I shot this race and learned my lesson then.

This year, I figured out we could take the Metro Mover. This is a free tram that circles around downtown Miami to all of the main spots. Pick up station was right at the parking lot where I parked and another station was almost at my assigned position. Score!  That made this trip bearable. We still had half mile walk to our location but I wasn't complaining.

Our actual station was on top of the MacArther Causeway Bridge going over to Miami Beach. We hiked to the top and camped out. 48 degrees and 25 mph winds all morning. Dressed like we were going on a backcountry skiing expedition as for us Floridians, 48 degrees might as well be -20 degrees in the dead of New England winter.

Will I be back next Miami race?  Most likely but still telling myself no...


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