Insane Inflatable 5K – Jacksonville, Fl 2-27-2016


If you have even been inside of a bouncy house as a kid, you will love this event! Mary and I were actually participants at this event when it came to our hometown and we had a lot of fun with it. When I got the call to shoot the event from Souvenir Photograph, I already knew what to expect and I knew it would be a lot of fun.

My assignment for the day was to lead and manage the photographers and capture promotional and finish line photos for participants. The day started out a chilly 38 degrees so I expected numbers to be low, but I was wrong with that. About 2500 participants showed up and I don't think anyone was disappointed.  The day warmed up very nicely and I have the sunburn to prove it.

First wave was at 8:30am and last wave was at 11:45am so a relatively short day compared to what I am used to but a fun day.  I only wish I was able to play around on the bouncy houses for a bit. Hopefully next time!


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