HITS Triathlon Series – Ocala, Fl – 4-2-2016 – 4-3-2016

Wow! What a weekend. I had the pleasure of shooting the HITS Triathlon Series event for Fixed Focus Photography in Ocala, FL.  This is a two day event that encompasses 5 separate events. Saturday consisted of half and full ironman distances, and Sunday consisted of open, sprint, and olympic distances.  I have to give those guys credit for completing the full distance.  I have shot a lot of half distances but this was my first full distance event and although the hours are long it is amazing watching every athlete cross the finish line.

Unfortunately on Saturday, the weather did not cooperate and with frequent lighting lighting up the pre dawn sky, the swim was called off.  In its place was a quick one mile run, then straight to the bike transition.  This made things a little complicated due to the mass of people in transition all at once but after that things went very smoothly. Most of the morning ride was in the rain, a good solid rain.  Can't imagine that would be all that much fun riding 112 miles in it.  Weather cleared up in the afternoon and it turned out to be a good day, although windy.

The half finished up around 430pm and that is about when the first finisher from the full came in.  Amazing seeing what people can do and how quickly. With only 11 people in the full, each one trickled in about an hour a part from each other.  The last finisher came in 11:15pm, just under the 17 hour cut off.

Sunday was a whole different day.  Clear skies and a bright and sunny start.  The Sprint started first, followed by the Olympic and later, Open class.  Basically the same as Saturday, just a lot more compressed time frame. With multiple classes on the course at the same time, it was challenging to keep track of it and time when finishers would be coming in. Everything ran smoothly and the day finished up around 1pm.  HITS Triathlon Series put on a great event and the staff was amazing to work with.  Looking forward to the next event with them! Naples 2017.


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