Fourth of July – Lakefront Park Kissimmee FL

Went down to Lakefront Park in Kissimmee, FL for the Fourth of July fireworks celebration.  This is the first time I have been down there for the fourth and I have to give credit to Kissimmee for putting on a great show.  Very impressive with the new park, lots of things going on, concert with the Spin Doctors (an old time favorite) and the fireworks show.  We were getting a little concerned with mother nature putting on her own fireworks show as the nasty weather was moving in, thankfully it stayed south.

Normally we don't really venture out for the fireworks shows on the fourth due to dealing with crowds and traffic, however this time I found out the Spin Doctors were playing and I wanted to check them out again.  Spin Doctors were one of the first real live bands I ever saw as a kid growing up and helped me move ahead with playing drums and getting into music altogether.  I really liked their music and they put on a great live show.  Fast forward 25 years and I have to say living the musician life on the road for a 30 + years takes a toll on you.  Last night they sounds great, as great as a little park stage could sound, but none of the live energy I remember.  I really has to be a kick in the teeth knowing that you used to sell out stadiums and now you are downgraded to playing free concerts in a small town.  I never envied that part of the rock star life.  Have to give them credit for still playing and touring though. Would have liked to have the opportunity to meet them, say hello and thank them for coming out but timing wasn't right.

Of course I brought the cam with me so here are some shots of the event last night. Hope you enjoy!


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