Florida Holiday Halfathon – Madeira Beach, FL 12-13-2015

I was out shooting the Florida Holiday Halfathon at Maderia Beach Florida on Sunday for Gameface Media. A great event and couldn't have asked for more perfect weather.  The runners were hoping it would have been a little cooler but for working the event, 70 degrees, low humidity and lots of sunshine were a dream come true.  This was a point to point race, meaning the start and finish lines were not together, but rather 10 miles apart so logistically that makes things challenging. I started the day by photographing all of the runners as they pasted the mile 2 marker and then moved to the finish line. The faster half marathoners will complete the course in about an hour and fifteen minutes.  At mile 2 they are about 10 minutes into but I have to wait until the slowest person passes my spot before moving on. The slowest person will usually make mile 2 in 20-25 minutes. That give me about 40 minutes to pack up, get in the car and drive to the finish line area.  Seems simple until you encounter the traffic jam of all of the spectators doing the same thing and everyone is fighting for parking spots that don't exist, at least legally.  Thankfully this time around, I was able to follow paramedics that were also on their way to the finish, almost right up to the finish line itself. Made my own parking space and hustled to get everything in place. Once set up, I have about 4 minutes until the first runner came through.  Amazing how fast some of these guys and girls run. My assignment was to photograph all runners as they came through the finish line. I wanted to experiment with this a bit so in addition to my normal set up, Canon 7D, 24-105, I set up a remote camera on a tripod with wireless trigger. This was a Canon 5D Mark III with a 16-35 F4 lens set to manual focus.  The idea was to make the runners appear larger than life in the scene. Not sure if I achieved that but I am satisfied with the results.  Have to play around with different angles in the future.

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