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Tough Mudder St. Louis MO. - 10-11-2014
  • Tough Mudder St. Louis MO. - 10-11-2014

  • This past weekend I flew to St Louis, MO to shoot Tough Mudder for Gameface Media.  Tough Mudder is always an interesting event to shoot because you never know what obstacles will get in your way, no pun intended.  Heavy rains the night before brought more than 3 inches of rain which made a whole lot of mud. Parkin[...]
Tough Mudder West Virginia  9-27-2014
  • Tough Mudder West Virginia 9-27-2014

  • A great location for a large event like Tough Mudder. Really, this is probably one of my favorite locations that I have shot at for this event.  It is nice to work an event where to local landscape if more than just flat and sandy. The mountains of West Virginia provided the perfect backdrop for a challenging event[...]
Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon - 11/09/2013
  • Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon - 11/09/2013

  • Disney tends to hold a number of different running events at night. I am not exactly sure beyond avoiding the heat, not really an issue in November, or just avoiding the daytime crowds in the parks as to why.  Shooting a night time marathon, or in this case a half marathon, causes some major issues that a photographer [...]
Tough Mudder - Tampa, Fl - 11/02/2013-11/03/2013
  • Tough Mudder - Tampa, Fl - 11/02/2013-11/03/2013

  • Let me first start off by saying Tough Mudder Tampa is a bit of a stretch.  The location that is... The true location is east of Lake Wales, Fl. Closer to the east coast than the west coast where Tampa is. I guess Tampa is more well known so they use that as a land mark, or someone just doesn't know simple geography. [...]
American Mud Race - Bithlo, FL
  • American Mud Race - Bithlo, FL

  • I was one of four photographers hired on by to shoot the American Mud Race that takes place twice a year out in Bithlo Motorsports Park, Bithlo, Fl. Bithlo Motorsports works all week to convert a motocross dirt bike track into an Obstacle Race Course. The American Mud Race isn't as large as Savage Race [...]
  • Great Clermont Triathlon

  • Saturday I had an opportunity to shoot with This Is Picture TIP Films to shoot the 29th Annual Great Clermont Triathlon located in Clermont's Waterfront Park, Clermont,  FL. Lots of early risers for this event. Great morning for a race. The adult races consisted of 440 yard swim, 8 mile bike ride, and a 3 mile run. Tha[...]
Dirty Foot Adventure Run 1
  • Dirty Foot Adventure Run 1

  • I had an awesome time out shooting with this past saturday for the Dirty Foot Adventure Run.  If you don't know, this event is an off road adventure run with many obstacles you must conquer and make it to the finish line. This event wasn't meant to be a mud run but since mother nature opened up the skies[...]
Monster Bash Dash 2012
  • Monster Bash Dash 2012

  • Had a great evening shooting the Monster Bash Dash at Roper Ranch with over the weekend. This was definitely a different kind of race than I am used to. All of the volunteers dressed up as monsters chasing down the runners.  A very fun time and these kinds of races always make me laugh.  It was incredibl[...]
Madeira Beach Triathlon 2012
  • Madeira Beach Triathlon 2012

  • This past Saturday I teamed up with This Is Picture TIP Films to shoot the 27th Annual Madeira Beach Triathlon located in Archibald Park,  Madeira Beach, FL. This event started out with a 200 yard swim in the Gulf, a 5.4 mile bike ride, and a 1.2 mile run on the beach. The 10 and under age group course was a little sho[...]
Superbowl XLVI - Orlando Event Photographer
  • Superbowl XLVI - Orlando Event Photographer

  • As some of you know, my brother in law in David Baas, #64, plays center for the New York Giants. For anyone that follows football, you know the kind of season that the Giants have had. Started off really well then tanked to the point where Coach Coughlin's job was in jeopardy and wondering if they could even make the p[...]
  • Teddy - Pet Portrait Photography

  • November through January tends to be the slow season for weddings and thus slow for wedding photographers. Taking advantage of the slow times by catching up on business taxes, finances, etc... we are still in that photography shooting mode. So we figured, what better time of year to shoot than around the holidays? For[...]