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Fort Myers Marathon - 11/09/2014
  • Fort Myers Marathon - 11/09/2014

  • I shot the annual Fort Myers for Gameface Media this past Sunday and despite the rain and cool temps, it was a great event.  After all of the races I have shot over the years, I still find it amazing the amount of people that will come out in cold rainy weather to punish themselves for 26.2 miles.  It really takes a sp[...]
Tough Mudder St Louis - 10/11/2014
  • Tough Mudder St Louis - 10/11/2014

  • This past weekend I flew to St Louis, MO to shoot Tough Mudder for Gameface Media.  Tough Mudder is always an interesting event to shoot because you never know what obstacles will get in your way, no pun intended.  Heavy rains the night before brought more than 3 inches of rain which made a whole lot of mud. Parking wa[...]
Tough Mudder West Virginia - 9/27/2014
  • Tough Mudder West Virginia - 9/27/2014

  • A great location for a large event like Tough Mudder. Really, this is probably one of my favorite locations that I have shot at for this event.  It is nice to work an event where to local landscape if more than just flat and sandy. The mountains of West Virginia provided the perfect backdrop for a challenging event lik[...]